Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Women Entrepreneurs Track Update

A terrific line-up of women-led start-up pitches graced the live audience at the Fuqua School of Business. From a convenient restaurant ordering service to an innovative electric vehicle battery deployment system, pitches in this 1st ever track demonstrated a versatile array of business applications. Competing companies included:

RUBBERBANDITZ - RUBBERBANDITZ offers a convenient workout solution for all fitness levels. The proprietary system is composed of circular exercise bands and accessory units.

Food4U – An internet-powered application that has food order forms for the Merchants on Points restaurants. Use your food points or flex to order without the hassle of calling the restaurant.

Charge – Developing an electric vehicle battery swap infrastructure to enable vehicles in developing countries to operate where there is no access to clean, reliable wall-outlet power.

GraffLab - GraffLab channels the artistic abilities of LA’s at-risk youth by turning their work into marketable products.

Smartlet - Smartlet is a cost- and energy-saving system that reduces your phantom energy waste at the touch of a button - without any installation!

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