Sunday, July 25, 2010

Program for Entrepreneurs Kickoff Event

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Hello P4E friends,

We just finished our third annual P4E Kickoff (view the agenda or slides). It was an excellent two-day event.

Overall we had 70+ students attend (mostly Fuqua 1st years, but some undergrads, grad students, and Fuqua 2nd years).
And we heard 16 pitches from students with startup ideas (selecting from 85 ideas we collected this year).
See the one slide pitches and stats on how the students did (based on audience feedback); and compare to last year.

Jon did a great job of getting the students interested, and at the same time making it clear that this was a serious program.

Day 1 - Thanks to Mark Smallwood, Robert Olinger, Jed Carlson (3rd year), and Jonathan Gindes (3rd year), for speaking.
Day 2 - Thanks to Don Haile (3rd year), Joe Velk (3rd year), Doug Green, David Robinson (3rd year), and Christy Shaffer for helping drive the discussion.
Thanks to Danny Briere for making the trip and effort to get his project into the program.
Thanks to Evan, Mark (2nd year) and Joe for being our Admissions Committee.
Thanks to all of our annual advisors including Ashish Arora, Rich Burton, David R, Rich West, Matt Megaro, Don Haile, and Joe Velk.
Thanks to Emma Rasiel and Lisa Keister for making course credit for the undergraduates possible.

And thanks to all of you for the support and well wishes. We couldn't do it without the help of so many of you.