Monday, November 16, 2009

The second half of the night in Room B

The second group of elevator pitches from Room B proved to be just as great as the first. We heard from…

Woo Young Cheong who pitched Duke International Youth Challenge - We seek to satisfy Asian students’ desire for awards for college application by hosting contests in Asian countries with participatory fees.

We heard a great two person pitch from DEVILHEEL - DEVILHEEL is a news Web site focused on the two most nationally prominent college basketball programs in the country: Duke and UNC.

Avishek Panth pitched Leadership Institute for Future Entrepreneurs - LIFE is a non-profit mentor-ship program that brings entrepreneurial training and financial literacy education to Durham High Schools. I wish Avishek the best of luck and hope he is able to inspire future Duke Startup Challenge participants.

Emily Sherman pitched Smartlet - Smartlet is a cost- and energy-saving system that reduces your phantom energy waste at the touch of a button. No installation needed.

Callie Berkowitz pitched - helps you find fuel efficient and eco-friendly ways to get you where you want to go, saving the environment and saving you money.

Yingyi Shen pitched 21-Watt - 21-Watt focuses on providing a platform for undergraduate researchers in the United States to present their scientific works.

Xin Xu pitched Catch-a-Ride - Duke car-pool system. Student drivers going off campus post vacant seats on our website, where other students can see and buy those spots. Another audience poll

Kelly Waldman pitched Food4U - A website that has food order forms for the Merchants on Points restaurants. Use your food points or flex to order without the hassle of calling the restaurant.

Alex Zhang pitched VoraciTee - VoraciTee is a nonprofit corporation that strives to combine social activism and design through t-shirts. We provide a catalyst to raise awareness.

And finally, Cheney Tsai pitched kibbitz - Help student groups find and get the resources they need to make innovation happen.

And the winner is...


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