Friday, November 20, 2009

Start-up Challenge Finals Contenders

Now in its 10th year, the Duke Start-up Challenge hosted a record 74 Teams and 130 pitches throughout a full week of entrepreneurial activity. Held at the Geneen Auditorium at the Fuqua School of Business, a packed-out crowd welcomed the first pitch by General Nano – developer of the world’s longest carbon nano-tubes. The first set of competing teams in the Finals Competition were:

General Nano - Spinning carbon nanotubes (stronger than steel and lighter than cotton) into electrically conductive thread for use in multiple industries. Andrew Simon at

Know It, Win It - The problem: math and science skills in the US. A solution: a website that will unconventionally reward students for educational success. Samiron Ray at

AdStream - AdStream: introducing Symbiotic Advertising. Connecting advertisers with target markets through personalized desktop ads. Andrew Joiner at

Stumpworks - The next-generation in video game technology. By measuring movements in muscle contractions, we have a more accurate, immersive gaming experience. Rish Sinha at

25th Hour Media - 25th Hour Media focuses on creating streaming audio, with a human voice, from blog and news text content that are delivered to mobile devices. Nick Sehn at

National Field - Online platform that helps organizations run more efficiently. Formed during the Obama campaign and currently used by political campaigns at all levels. Brendan Farmer at

CarBone - Our innovative process recycles waste bone, converting it into porous carbon electrodes for use in oxygen batteries and modern electronics. David Benson at


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