Thursday, November 19, 2009

Products & Services Track Update

An innovative line-up of prospective company pitches filled the evening at the Fuqua School of Business. The live audience was treated to multiple hi-tech product solution pitches including a derivative of an MIT innovation called MicroPower.

The MicroPower system offers to revolutionize contemporary battery technology by utilizing a miniature combustion engine which runs on ethanol. With just a few ounces of fuel, it has the capacity to run a typical netbook laptop for over a day. Additional competing companies included:

Intelligent Irrigation Solutions - Using advanced sensor technology and localized weather forecasts, IIS can optimize existing irrigation systems to reduce water use by 20-40%.

Dorm Room Cleaning Service - Does your room look like a tornado went through it? Never able to find anything after your room party last night? We'll set your room in order.

Wasabi - Wasabi is the first restaurant franchise to serve fresh, high quality sushi using the have-it-your-way ordering system. Rivals Subway and Chipotle's convenience and quality.

Micropower - Developed a microscale heat engine for use in portable power applications.

Kibbitz - Offers to help student groups find and get the resources they need to make innovation happen.

25th Hour Media - 25th Hour Media focuses on creating streaming audio, with a human voice, from blog and news text content which is delivered to mobile devices.

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