Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The second half of the pitches from the Energy & Environment Track

Starting off the second half of the night, Remya Narayanaswami pitched Charge - Battery swap infrastructure to enable small electric vehicles in developing countries.

Emily Sherman pitched Smartlet - Smartlet is a cost- and energy-saving system that reduces your phantom energy waste at the touch of a button. No installation needed.

Joshua Moore pitched SolOrganic - SolOrganic designs and manufactures photovoltaic polymers for the production of energy-efficient and cost-effective solar cells.

Sarah Musser pitched SolAir Share - SolAir Share is a solar "cooperative" that allows its members to enjoy solar electricity without the barriers in the residential solar market.

Tyler Cantarano pitched Aurora Networks - Networks smart-outlets to a web-based, intelligent system to optimize energy-efficiency.

David Benson pitched CarBone - Our innovative process recycles waste bone, converting it into porous carbon electrodes for use in oxygen batteries and modern electronics.

Finishing up the night, Beibei Lu pitched Magic Meter - Smarter than Smart Meter - Magic meter is a super intelligent smart meter that can report individual appliance power usage to home owners in real time.


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