Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthcare & Life Sciences Track Update

Start-up challenge competitors pitched a wide range of business ideas and early stage companies. Competing teams were comprised of students within Duke University’s undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D programs. Competitors demonstrated great passion and determination to impress the judges and woo the live audience. Presenting to a packed auditorium, company concepts included:

SmartStance - SmartStance is a physical device that measures three facets of a person’s posture and alerts them when an improper posture is detected.

Centrosome - An interactive online media website designed to allow research scientists to take a hands on approach towards planning their experiments.

Eye Innovations - A device for Glaucoma patients that drains the buildup of fluid inside the eye by expelling it to the outside of the eye.

AuthentiForm - AuthentiForm plans to commercialize technology to reduce the risk of death from counterfeit drugs by utilizing a biological authenticating link between each unit dose and its origin.


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