Monday, November 16, 2009

An update from Von Canon Room B

A quick rundown on the events from room B so far…

Up first in Room B, Samiron Ray pitched his idea Know It, Win It - The problem: math and science skills in the US. A solution: a website that will unconventionally reward students for educational success. Samiron received some great questions from the judges and was ready with answers.

David Benson pitched CarBone - Our innovative process recycles waste bone, converting it into porous carbon electrodes for use in oxygen batteries and modern electronics. David discussed the potential of his innovation and how it will benefit from the clean energy economy.

Clifford Satell pitched eFit Health Solutions - Web-based hub for all (esp. non-gym users) to get highly personalized fitness/diet plans tailored to their goals, ability and motivation.

Tyler Cantarano pitched Aurora Networks - Networks smart-outlets to a web-based, intelligent system to optimize energy-efficiency.

Derrick Hang pitched DukeBoxes - DukeBoxes is a summer storage company providing students the affordable, most convenient option for insured shipping and storage. The judges polled the audience and there was a strong positive response from the other students in the room.

Benjamin Hamner pitched Wristband Controls - We use sEMG signals and accelerometer data from a bluetooth-enabled wristband to enable transradial amputees to type and provide novel methods of interactions.

Phil Cotter pitched Stumpworks - The next-generation in video game technology. By measuring movements in muscle contractions, we have a more accurate, immersive gaming experience.


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