Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 4 - A Summary of the Social Enterprises Track

Tonight we had another distinguished group of judges:
Bill Stevenson ‘96, Founder of The Elevator, Formerly Director of Social Investments at Lenovo
Al Huntoon, Founder and CEO, Catalyst Consulting Services
James Dillard, Executive Director, Nourish International
Keith Artin, COO, TROSA

Keith kicked off the night with heartfelt talk about the rewards and challenges of working for social enterprises. After Keith's talk we heard from:

Amy Tsai who pitched GraffLab - GraffLab channels the artistic abilities of LA’s at-risk youth by turning their work into marketable products.

Michael Adams who pitched Micro-Consulting for North Carolina - MCforNC's mission is to send out volunteer student consultants to other nonprofits and help them solve small but important technical problems.

Elad Gross who pitched Education Exchange Corps - Non-profit organization recruiting college students to serve as teacher’s assistants and interns with urban school districts.

Joseph McMahan who pitched Innovation Education International - IEI empowers students in the developing world with the tools and skills needed to identify, analyze, and solve needs in their communities.

Ankur Seth who pitched eKriti - "eKriti" is a for-profit social enterprise that provides a noble way of empowering people to make a living using their art and talent.

Alikiah Barclay who pitched Prevent Health Insurance - I am interested in addressing both rising healthcare cost and declining national health through a health insurance and gym company combination.

Avishek Panth who pitched Leadership Institute for Future Entrepreneurs - LIFE is a non-profit mentor-ship program that brings entrepreneurial training and financial literacy education to Durham High Schools.

Stephanie Fruth who pitched The Produce Purity Project - The PPP fights against foodborne illness in northern Afghanistan by resourcing and educating women in sanitary food preparation and hygiene.

Rish Sinha who pitched Stumpworks - The next-generation in video game technology. By measuring movements in muscle contractions, we have a more accurate, immersive gaming experience.

Romero-Wolf who pitched Suyana Remote Hotels - Suyana Remote Hotels develops boutique resorts in remote areas that serve as headquarters for exploration and local development projects. Martin

Taipu Lin who pitched Pulse Tech - To combine biochip, pulse record and symptom input, Pulse Tech give people the possibility to customize their own medical treatment.

The winners from the night were:

Judges Choice Award: 
Audience Choice Award: StumpWorks
Judges Runner Up: The Produce Purity Project

A big thank you to all of the entrepreneurs, judges, audience members, and organizers for helping make this a wonderful event. We hope to see you at the finals event tomorrow, November 20th, from 5:30pm – 9:00pm at Fuqua in the Geneen Auditorium.


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