Friday, December 7, 2007

Days 4 and 5 - Start-Up Job Fair, Undergraduate Capstone Speaker, Undergraduate Entrepreneurs Pitch Session, and Social Entrepreneurship Panel

The eWeek team put on four events Thursday and Friday.

The Start-up Job Fair connected local companies with graduate and undergraduate students. The start-ups from around the Triangle represented a wide range of industries, from biotechnology to Web 2.0. The event was sponsored by Research Triangle Institute (RTI).

Will Pearson, Trinity '01 and co-founder and President of Mental_Floss magazine, capped off the undergraduate events with a presentation about his experience starting mental_floss. This event was sponsored by Aurora Funds and Intuit JumpUp.

Thursday evening, undergraduate students pitched ideas and business plans created in classes this semester to a panel of judges including:
This event was sponsored by Aurora Funds and Intuit JumpUp.

On Friday, Christopher Gergen, founding partner of New Mountain Ventures, LLC, moderated a panel called "Launching Social Ventures." Social entrepreneurs on the panel included:
  • Brandon Busteed, Duke Trinity '99 - Founder and CEO, Outside the Classroom
  • Geoff Cramer, Duke WEMBA '01 - Founder and CEO, Futures, Inc.
  • Henry McKoy, UNC MBA '95 - Founder of OneVoice Institute of Business

Tomorrow is the last day of Entrepreneurship Week. There are three events: the International Entrepreneurship Speaker, the Environmental Entrepreneurship Panel, and the Entrepreneurship Week Closing Ceremony. See you there!


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