Thursday, April 17, 2008

Duke Start-Up Challenge 2008 Winners

Duke Start-Up Challenge Winners!

Saturday, April 12th was the 9th Annual Duke Start-Up Challenge Finals. Nine

teams presented their business plan proposals to a panel of judges. The

Awards Ceremony was then kicked off with an inspirational speech by Chairman

and former CEO of Red Hat, Matthew Szulik. We are proud to present the

following winners:

Cerene is the Overall Winner

*Overall Grand Prize Winner $25,000 & Health Care Track

Cerene Biomedics

Heidi Koschwanez (PhD candidate, BME), Christina Li (PhD student, BME), Carolyn

Nohejl (BME, '08), Vivek Sasikumar (Fuqua, '08), John Stroncek (PhD student,


*Overall Runner Up $10,000


Naman Shah, Saket Vora, Joel Thomas, J.E. (Win) Bassett IV, Kari Leech, Will

Patrick (Trinity, '10)

*People's Choice Trade Show Winner $1,000

Game Everything

Ferol Vernon (Fuqua, '09), Mausam Bhatt (Fuqua, '09)

*High-Tech Track Award $5,000

A-B-Sea Research

Al Basilico, John Galetsky, Jennifer Artabane (Fuqua, '08)

*Consumer Products Track Award $5,000

Visible Energy

Luke Fishback (MEM, '03), Sarah Kate Fishback (Fuqua, '09)

*Social Track Award $5,000


Naman Shah, Saket Vora, Joel Thomas, J.E. (Win) Bassett IV, Kari Leech, Will

Patrick (Trinity, '10)

Thanks to the Co-Presidents, Kris Irwin, Hylton Kalvaria, and Steve Allan (all three are Fuqua '09)

The Co-Presidents


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