Saturday, November 3, 2007

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our inaugural Entrepreneurship Week at Duke University! I hope this will be the first of many Entrepreneurship Weeks.

The idea for Entrepreneurship Week came in August, when I was thinking about putting together a Conference at Duke on Entrepreneurship. I was looking at Stanford's entrepreneurial offerings and happened upon their Entrepreneurship Week website, It turns out that the Kauffman Foundation, which is the non-profit that encourages entrepreneurship everywhere, had held a big "EntrepreneurshipWeek USA" event in early 2007.

I immediately knew this was the event I wanted to take on, and with Jon Fjeld, Barry Myers, Larry Boyd, Kimberly Jenkins, Jeff Clark, Bob Taber, Matt Nash, Chris Gergen, Rose Ritts, Kaycee Shoemaker, Jeremy Welch, Kathy Beckett, Tiffany Hogan, Kirsten Nicholas and many others, we began the process of putting together Entrepreneurship Week at Duke University!

We are officially one month away from the beginning of the Week (it starts on December 3rd, 2007). We've got most of the major pieces in place and it's going to be a great week!

I hope you will join us. It is a "New Day" for Entrepreneurship at Duke!

Howie Rhee
Co-Chair, Entrepreneurship Week at Duke University


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